Own your digital identity and data by self-hosting

Protos is an open-source project that enables individuals and small organizations to take full control of their digital identity and data, by allowing them to self-host applications on public cloud providers or their own hardware. Currently Protos is under heavy development and only has development releases at the moment. Please subscribe to be notified when the first alpha is released.

The path to digital sovereignty

Self-sovereign digital identity

Own your digital identity by owning your domain name, that remains under your control and moves wherever your digital home is. In the future Protos will implement a stronger form of uncensorable digital identity using public key cryptography compatible with the framework developed by DIF (Decentralized Identity Foundation).

Privacy by default

Data is always stored locally, in your Protos instance, and is encrypted at rest while the same holds true for backup data sent to 3rd party services. All this means that you get privacy by default and share data only when you choose to.

Easily install and run applications

Installing applications from the app store is as easy as clicking a button. In addition to that, applications can be updated and backed up automatically so that maintaining a secure and updated system is hassle free.

Modular architecture

Applications running on top of Protos can leverage each others functionality by using the modular resource system. For example, an email server requires a TLS certificate, which is a resource provided by another application that runs on the platform. The same goes for DNS entries and backups, which are functions fullfiled by various applications that can be installed via the application store.

Avoid digital lock-in

Applications installed on your Protos instance remain under your control and not even the developer can stop you from using them. Furthermore, Protos can be installed on any infrastructure cloud provider but also on your own hardware, with a straightforward way to migrate your instance and data somewhere else.

Join the decentralized application ecosystem

Imagine being able to host your own Mastodon, Email server or Bitcoin instance. At the moment, in most cases using p2p or federated applications requires signing up for 3rd party services, and giving up control over your identity and data in the process. Protos changes that.